Work with Mother Nature.

Our goal is simple: to develop and maintain beautiful, lush green lawns that are safest for Kids and Pets.

As quoted by the owner of EcoScapes "We use a combination of organic and natural fertilizers along with biological stimulants and microorganisms to improve soil structure and increase populations of living, beneficial soil organisms. Our approach focuses on rebuilding healthy soil which is needed to grow healthy lawns without excessive pesticides or irrigation.

As we work with Mother Nature to rebuild a healthy soil and stimulate the natural life cycle several GOOD things happen. The grass becomes healthier, fewer weeds invade, less disease occurs and irrigation needs are reduced. In other words a beautiful, lush, green lawn is achieved with fewer pesticides and less water."

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."
          Native American Proverb

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Want to live in a healthy world? It’s simple, make the kid conscious choice.

Kid Conscious Lawn Care means being conscious of mother nature and only supplying the Earth with natural nutrients rather than harmful chemicals. We are made up of a team of horticulture, lawn care and agronomy professionals each with over 25 years of experience. We are committed to research and expanding our knowledge of sustainable, organic lawn care practices so that we can provide you with a list of the nation's highest quality eco-friendly lawn care companies and resources. Check back with us often…as our list will continue to grow,

What's the difference between kid conscious lawn care and eco-friendly lawn care?

We are often asked what the difference is between kid conscious lawn care and eco-friendly lawn. Really, there are no real differences, just a different way of referring to safe, environmentally safe lawn care products and practices. This includes organic fertilizers, organic soil amendments, environmentally friendly lawn care tools such as electric mowers, trimmers, and blowers, and general practices such as mulching both lawn clippings and leaves in the fall. Environmentally safe products are also considered safe for kids as well as pets so you can see why the terms both apply. We refer to it as kid conscious lawn care because the safety of children is our top priority when studying and researching both lawn care products and lawn care services.

Our Partners

Our research has brought about some of the greatest environmentally friendly products and services available. Many product producers and lawn care companies look to us for leadership but we can't take all of the credit. Early in our careers we stumbled upon an Omaha lawn care company and Elkhorn lawn care company that were providing a kid and pet friendly lawn care service to residential and commercial customers in their cities. This is where our research really hit full speed as the owners of these lawn care companies turned out to be a wealth of knowledge and really opened our eyes to all that is involved in running an environmentally friendly lawn service. We can't thank them enough for sharing their experience and knowledge with us and we continue to work together to this day. Great partnerships are formed when both parties have equal love and drive for the subject at hand.